Hi there. I'm Gage. I'm a journalist, originally from Sheffield, now living in Huddersfield. I am a massive fan of...well a lot of things! You'll find quite a few of them on here so take a look!

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How I Met Your Mother series finale



I am crying copious tears. Damn you How I Met Your Mother!

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So, a little about me: I am a psychopath (don’t worry I’m not a violent psychopath like most that you hear about) and I like to write. The two really go hand in hand and compliment each other, especially late at night when I’m alone and it’s dark and my brain is at it’s most active because I’m a night owl. Late at night/the early morning hours is the time where I have the weirdest, the most interesting and the most disturbing thoughts/ideas/inspiration. It’s the time when my psychopathy really kicks in and the most interested side of me shows.
Anyway, even now I’m just rambling because I wanted to get this written down somewhere and Tumblr seemed like the most acceptable place because I doubt anyone will read it anyway so I’m pretty much just leaving a diary entry for myself.

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So I watched the unaired pilot of Sherlock and then the aired version. I actually preferred the unaired version if I’m honest. How it all went down in Holmes’ apartment, how he used drugs instead of a gun to subdue his victims, how the whole confrontation between Sherlock and the cabbie went down, etc.


Moffat really has kept a lot of what makes Holmes who he is. However, just like everyone else (apart from Jeremy Brett, which is why he’s my favourite Holmes) Moffat and Cumberbatch have focused on one aspect of Holmes (the exiled, psychopathic side) But a lot of classic Holmes is referenced, which is great. For instance playing the violin, taking drugs to enhance his mind, etc.


So I just watched the first episode (the unaired pilot) of Sherlock. I am now a fan. HOWEVER, you can’t beat the old ones with Jeremy Brett (my favourite Sherlock Holmes) or Basil Rathbone. But you can’t really compare classic Sherlock Holmes to a modernisation anyway.


Every single night I stay up way too late and only leave myself with enough time for like 5 hours of sleep. Fuck you brain.


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So I gave my blog a new theme and changed my background, icon thingy, etc. and I’m pretty happy with the result :3

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Oh look a big strong person who hides behind an anonymous sign sent me hate mail, how cute :)))))))
How aboooouuuuut no. Thanks, bye bye :)