Hi there. I'm Gage. I'm a journalist, originally from Sheffield, now living in Huddersfield. I am a massive fan of...well a lot of things! You'll find quite a few of them on here so take a look!

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One Direction, Beiber, etc. all summed up in one song detailing how fucked up the pop industry is these days. It’s perfect.

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When Tumblr social justice warriors watch Friends do they refer to “ugly naked guy” as “The white cis male across the street with an unconventional but still equally valid version of beauty”?

  #sjw    #social justice warrior    #overly-PC  

Happy 29th Birthday, Lana Del Rey – 06.21.86

Those numbers don’t add up…


Don’t worry we’ll keep your secret guys 


Don’t worry we’ll keep your secret guys 


i snorted


i envision a relationship with every single person i find attractive and i need to stop doing that cause its getting my hopes up for nothing and making me sad